Financing Wind London 2015

Building connections in European wind

22nd October 2015 | EVERSHEDS, LONDON

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Connecting the European wind market

In 2015, our fourth annual conference connected Europe’s top wind professionals, to talk about the period of transition being experienced by the global wind market. This period of transition was caused in part by the slow-moving performance of the global economy, as well as waning governmental credit and tax support for renewables.

That’s why we brought together wind power’s key figures to bridge the disconnects between different aspects of the sector, and to talk about what can be done to ensure the global wind market continues to thrive.

For a complete overview of the day, download the event programme:

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Meet the speakers

Financing Wind 2015 brought in some of the industry’s most influential voices as speakers.

Companies that Attended

What happened?

We brought companies together from all sides of the industry

Investors, developers, lawyers, tech specialists, manufacturers and professional advisers attended, from companies such as Google, Everoze and Augusta & Co.

We addressed the market's most pressing issues

Including the role of corporates in wind, the rollback of government subsidy, and the potential for new emerging markets.


The 2015 programme looked at the reasons behind wind power’s current global challenges, changing investment patterns in Europe, the role of corporate investment, and the most promising new markets.

Download the agenda


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